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Los Nr. 142 - Auction Gemini XIII

 AE 25, 7.75g (10h). Cyprus under ...
 AE 25, 7.75g (10h). Cyprus under ...
500,00 USD

AE 25, 7.75g (10h). Cyprus under the Romans, 1 AD. Obv: AVGVS[T TRIB POT] PONT (NT ligate) MAX Laureate head of Augustus r. Rx: C CAESAR [AVG - F PONT COS] or [AVG - F PRINC IVVENT] Bare head of Gaius Caesar r. RPC 3908 or 3909. The titles before the face of Gaius Caesar, which distinguish RPC 3908 from 3909, are illegible on this specimen. Our coin is from the same obverse die as a BM specimen of RPC 3908, illustrated in Num. Chronicle 1924, pl. II, 26, but according to RPC that obverse die was also used for RPC 3809, so the obverse die identity does not allow us to pick between the two possible reverse legends.


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