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Lot 14 - Auction Gemini XII

Calabria. Tarentum.  - c. 320-315 ...
Calabria. Tarentum.  - c. 320-315 ...
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Calabria. Tarentum. - c. 320-315 BC. Nomos, 7.95g (8h). Obv: Rider on horse galloping right, using whip; beneath the horse, ΣΑ. Rx: ΤΑΡΑΣ Dolphin rider left, holding kantharos in outstretched right hand; caduceus in right field, TH below. Fischer-Bossert 803j (this specimen). HN Italy 947. SNG Lockett 196 (same obverse die) Vlasto Coll. 665 (same obverse die). Beautifully toned. About EF
Ex Sotheby's, 26 March 1987, lot 327. Ex Glendining, 25 November 1953, lot 15
This small but very attractive issue was struck during a break in Tarentum's chronic wars against the Illyrian and Oscan tribes of the Calabrian and Lucanian hinterland


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