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Lot 9 - Auction Gemini XIII

c. 525-500 BC. Stater, 7.97g ...
c. 525-500 BC. Stater, 7.97g ...
Starting price:
19.000,00 USD

c. 525-500 BC. Stater, 7.97g (11h). Obv: ΚΑΥΛ Apollo standing right, raising branch in right hand; on extended left arm, small figure running right, carrying branches in both hands; in lower right field, stag standing on dotted base, head turned back; dotted exergue line, guilloche border. Rx: Obverse type incuse, but without legend, and with simplified fish-bone border. HN Italy 2035. SNG ANS 150 (same obv. die.) SNG München 1398 (same dies). Ex Tkalec, 28 February 2013, lot 19.


Lot status:
Auction closed