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Lot 84 - Auction Gemini XIII

408/7-405/4 BC. Tetradrachm, ...
408/7-405/4 BC. Tetradrachm, ...
Starting price:
20.000,00 USD

408/7-405/4 BC. Tetradrachm, 15.29g (12h). Obv: Head of Helios three-quarters right. Rx: ΡΟΔΙΟΝ Rose; pecten at lower left. Bérend 6. Exceptional style and preservation; among the finest early Rhodian tetradrachms in existence. Richard Ashton persuasively argues in "A Revised arrangement for the earliest coinage of Rhodes", Essays Carson-Jenkins, p. 8, that this issue with pecten symbol is among the very earliest, preceded only by the eagle-on-rock and club issues.


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Auction closed