Lot 131 - Auction Gemini XIII

Denarius, 4.07g (2h). Rome, 43 BC. ...
Denarius, 4.07g (2h). Rome, 43 BC. ...
Starting price:
40.000,00 USD

Denarius, 4.07g (2h). Rome, 43 BC. Obv: Wreathed head of Caesar right, without legend. Rx: Venus or Pax standing left, head bowed, holding caduceus and scepter; to right L•FLAMINIVS downwards, to left IIIl•VIR upwards. Crawford 485/1. Sydenham 1089. Sear, Imperators 113. From the Haeberlin Collection, sold as part of Haeberlin's Roman Imperial collection, in Cahn 75, 30 May 1932, lot 770. A note to lot 2901 in the main Haeberlin catalogue of 17 July 1933 specifically confirms the Haeberlin Collection provenance of our coin.


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Auction closed