Lot 149 - Auction Gemini XIII

Sestertius, 23.46g (6h). Rome, ...
Sestertius, 23.46g (6h). Rome, ...
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Sestertius, 23.46g (6h). Rome, 80-81 AD. Obv: TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P Head laureate left. Rx: IMP T VESP - AVG REST S - C Spes advancing left, right foot forward, holding flower and raising skirt. RIC 475 (C). BM 298. Paris 309. Cohen 104 (20 Fr.). Komnick 53.0 (19 spec., from 4 obv. and 9 rev. dies), pl. 17 (same dies as ours). Ex Künker 280, 26 September 2016, lot 561 (Collection Hannelore Scheiner; wrongly said to be identical with Komnick's specimen 53.15).


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