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Lot 158 - Auction Gemini XIII

AE 28, 11.75g (11h). Antioch, Year ...
AE 28, 11.75g (11h). Antioch, Year ...
Starting price:
2.500,00 USD

AE 28, 11.75g (11h). Antioch, Year 117 = 69 AD. Obv: [IMP M OT] - HO - [CAE AVG] (counterclockwise from upper left) Head laureate right, dot in field behind. Rx: EΠI / MOYKIA / NOY AN / TIOXEΩ / N ET ZIP in five lines within circle in laurel wreath. McAlee 319 (Ex. Rare; from the same dies as McAlee's illustrated specimen). Cf. RPC 4316 (not specifying obverse legend direction). From the Jyrki Muona Collection. A larger denomination with the same reverse legend as the last lot, naming Vespasian's supporter Mucianus as governor of Syria; the rarer variant of this coin with counterclockwise obverse legend.


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Auction closed