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Lot 7 - Auction Gemini XII

Etruria. Cosa.  - c. 273-250 BC. ...
Etruria. Cosa.  - c. 273-250 BC. ...
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Etruria. Cosa. - c. 273-250 BC. Quartuncia, 5.08g (11h). Obv: Helmeted, bearded head of Mars right. Rx: [CO]-Z-A-NO Bridled head of horse left; beneath, dolphin swimming left. HN Italy 210. T.V. Buttrey, Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 34 (1980), Type I, 5-8; SNG Copenhagen 17. M. Crawford, Coinage and Money under the Roman Republic, pp. 38 f. Horse's head in high relief. Choice EF
Ex Triton V, 15 January 2002, lot 3
Cosa, a harbor city in Tuscany, is likely to have been the place where the Romans built and trained their navy during the First Punic War. The bronze coinage of Cosa might have served as small change for the resulting influx of Roman workmen and sailors


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