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Lot 183 - Auction Gemini XIII

 161-169 AD. Aureus, 7.35g (7h). ...
 161-169 AD. Aureus, 7.35g (7h). ...
Starting price:
30.000,00 USD

161-169 AD. Aureus, 7.35g (7h). Rome, 164 AD. Obv: L VERVS AVG - ARMENIACVS Head bare right. Rx: REX ARMEN / DAT in two lines in exergue, TR P IIII - IMP II COS II around, Verus seated left on camp seat on platform, extending right hand to crown the Armenian King Sohaemus, who stands left before the platform, raising his right hand to his head to accept the diadem; behind Verus on the platform, an officer standing left, and in front of him, lictor standing left holding fasces. Calicó 2154 (same dies). RIC 512 (R2). Cohen 158 (100 Fr.). Cf. BM 300 (there lictor standing right). Ex Peus 417, 2 November 2016, lot 360. According to Peus this coin derives from the Gertrudenstrasse, Cologne hoard of 1909, and was acquired by its previous owner from P. Kalenberg in 1927.


Lot status:
Auction closed