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Lot 211 - Auction Gemini XIII

Antoninianus, 3.23g (5h). Rome. ...
Antoninianus, 3.23g (5h). Rome. ...
Starting price:
22.000,00 USD

Antoninianus, 3.23g (5h). Rome. Obv: COR SVPERA AVG Draped bust right on crescent, wearing stephane. Rx: IVNONI AVG Juno seated left, holding flower and child in swaddling clothes. RIC 31 (R4). Cohen 3 (citing BM, 450 Fr.). Ex NAC 78, 26 May 2014, lot 1097. The reverse type might suggest that Aemilian and Supera had a child, or were hoping to produce one. IVNONI AVG is apparently Supera's second reverse in her husband's coinage, and is rarer than her first type, showing VESTA standing and coupled with the longer obverse legend C CORNEL SVPERA AVG.


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