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Lot 275 - Auction Gemini XIII

Decanummium, 4.32g (6h).  541-552 ...
Decanummium, 4.32g (6h).  541-552 ...
Starting price:
500,00 USD

Decanummium, 4.32g (6h). 541-552 AD. Obv: [D N B]ADV - ILA REX Helmeted bust front, holding cross or cross on globe in left hand. Rx: FLOREAS - SEMPER (legend weak, especially on left) Baduila wearing helmet and military dress standing right holding spear in right hand and resting left hand on shield, X in right field. MEC 162. MIB 90b. BM 44. Ex CNG 82, 16 September 2009, lot 1135. The figure on the reverse probably represents the king, since the same type was accompanied by the king's name on decanummia of the slightly earlier king Athalaric (526-534 AD). The wish expressed in the reverse legend will therefore have been meant for Baduila: "May you flourish forever!".


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Auction closed