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Lot 279 - Auction Gemini XIII

AE 4, 0.95g (4h).  Fifth cent. AD. ...
AE 4, 0.95g (4h).  Fifth cent. AD. ...
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2.000,00 USD

AE 4, 0.95g (4h). Fifth cent. AD. Obv: [DOM]INO - NOS[TRO] Pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust of emperor right, seen from front. Rx: [SALVS REI] - PVBLICE Victory advancing left holding [wreath] and palm, exergue off flan. Unpublished variety; cf. RIC 3805 (R2). Ex CNG 82, 16 September 2009, lot 1079. Our coin shows a new reverse legend for this Victory type in the rare DOMINO NOSTRO series; on RIC 3805 the legend accompanying a similar type is instead CARTAGINE PP with pellet in exergue. However the reverse legend of our coin, SALVS REI PVBLICE, was used in combination with the Gateway type in the same series, RIC 3813. The African origin of the DOMINO NOSTRO series is proved by the reverse legend CARTAGINE (mentioned above) and by the recorded African provenance of some of the specimens, but the date of the series is difficult to establish. Wroth (BMC p. 19, note 1) suggested that these coins might have been struck by Gaeseric (428-477 AD), the first Vandal king in Africa, or by his successor Huneric (477-484 AD), since neither of these kings placed their own names on their coins, whereas their successors did so. Kent (RIC, pp. 233-4) thought that this coinage might have been produced either before the arrival of the Vandals, by Bonifatius, the Roman count in charge of Africa under Theodosius II, who remained loyal to the legitimate emperor during the usurpation of Johannes (423-5 AD); or more probably by the first Vandal king Gaesaric in connection with his accord with Valentinian III in 442 AD.


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