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Lot 80 - Auction Gemini XIII

c. 375 BC. Tetradrachm, 15.21g ...
c. 375 BC. Tetradrachm, 15.21g ...
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c. 375 BC. Tetradrachm, 15.21g (12h). Obv: Head of Apollo facing, turned slightly to right. Rx: Eagle standing right, wings spread; sunburst to right, AΛIKAPNAΣΣEΩN around. Excessively rare. The present coin is the finest known example of a tiny issue of tetradrachms struck in Halicarnassus prior to Maussollos' adoption of the city as his capital in c. 367 BC. The only published example was presented by Sylvia Hurter in her 1966 report on "42 Tetradrachmen von Klazomenai" in SNR 45, p. 45, illustrated on pl. VI and was illustrated in "Amphipolis, the Civic Coinage in Silver and Gold" by Cathy Lorber, pl. IV, 21. This is struck from different dies from that previously unique specimen and bears a sunburst control mark in place of the bow control of that coin. This implies that a somewhat larger issue was originally intended, most of which was never struck or has not survived.


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