Lot 147 - Auction Gemini XIII

 Tetradrachm, 15.06g (12h). ...
 Tetradrachm, 15.06g (12h). ...
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Tetradrachm, 15.06g (12h). Antiochia ad Orontem, Year 3=38/39 AD. Obv: ΓAIOY KAIΣAPO[Σ ΣEBA] ΓEPMA Laureate head of Caligula right. Rx: ᾺΓΠΙΠΠΕΙΝΗΣ - ΑΝΤΙΟ.ΜΗΤΠΟ. Draped bust of Agrippina I right, date Γ / ET before neck, pellet behind. Prieur 66. RPC 4168. Very rare: McAlee's sample of six specimens came from only two obverse dies (p. 126).


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