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Lot 250 - Auction Gemini XIII

 527-565 AD. Solidus, 4.35g (6h). ...
 527-565 AD. Solidus, 4.35g (6h). ...
Starting price:
45.000,00 USD

527-565 AD. Solidus, 4.35g (6h). Alexandria, c. 535-537 AD. Obv: D N IVSTINI - ANVS PP AVG Helmeted bust of Justinian three-quarter facing front in military dress holding spear over shoulder and shield. Rx: VICTORI - A AVGGG A Angel standing facing, holding long cross and globus cruciger; to right, star; in exergue, ALEXAOB. Lanz/Bernardi 148, 4 January 2010, lot 167 (same dies). Lanz 151, 30 June 2011, lot 943 (same dies). This type was unknown until recently so is not in any of the major references. Ex Gemini IX, 8 January 2012, lot 528. The Vandals, after capturing France and Spain, invaded and conquered North Africa in 429 AD. Justinian completed his reconquest of the province from the Vandals in 535 AD, though minor mopping up operations against the Moors lasted until 548 AD. It is recorded that the reconquest cost 100,000 pounds of gold. This extraordinary solidus naming Alexandria in the exergue tells the world that the Romans had retaken Alexandria, thus Egypt and North Africa.


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Auction closed