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Lot 6 - Auction Gemini XII

Celtic. Eastern Celts.  - c. ...
Celtic. Eastern Celts.  - c. ...
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Celtic. Eastern Celts. - c. 150-75 BC. Tetradrachm, 15.62g (12h). Obv: Stylized head of Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath. Rx: Naked Herakles standing facing, holding club and lionskin; replacing the legend, two rows of dots to left, right, and below. Silver plug at bottom of flan, protruding on obverse but level with surface on reverse. Göbl, OTA pl. 48. Lukanc 1592. Castelin, Cat. Zurich 1377. Dembski, Cat. Vienna 1527. Bent, otherwise VF+ for issue
Plugged silver coins are mainly found on the periphery of the Greek world, for instance in Arabia (Freeman & Sear 13, 2006, lots 268 and 270), but occasionally Alexander coins are plugged as well (CNG 75, 2007, lot 131). Imitations of Thasos tetradrachms like ours are sometimes found holed, suggesting use as amulets; see Dembski, pls. 98-100


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