Lot 157 - Auction Gemini XIII

AE 23, 6.75g (12h). Antioch, Year ...
AE 23, 6.75g (12h). Antioch, Year ...
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1.100,00 USD

AE 23, 6.75g (12h). Antioch, Year 117 = 69 AD. Obv: IMP M O[THO - CAE AVG] (clockwise from upper right) Head laureate right. Rx: EΠI / MOYKIA / NOY ANT / IOXEΩ / N ET ZIP in five lines within circle in laurel wreath. RPC 4317 (2 spec.). McAlee 318 (V. Rare, illustrating this coin). From the Jyrki Muona Collection; ex CNG E110, 16 March 2005, lot 147, giving provenance "From the Garth R. Drewry Collection". The Mucianus mentioned in the reverse legend was governor of Syria from 66 to 69 AD, and then in summer 69 helped persuade Vespasian to rebel against Vitellius and led the expedition that captured Rome for Vespasian in December 69. McAlee observed that the obverse die of our coin was also used to strike the type S C in laurel wreath, McAlee p. 151, 323(c )/1.


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